Rehoming An Abandoned Dog

Before we allow you to take on one of our dogs we must ensure that you are a suitable and acceptable candidate.

What we need from you

We require proof of identification and also ask for a donation to be made to the kennels. This donation helps to cover the cost of veterinary treatment for the dog as well as help with the upkeep of the kennels. We will check your home and your lifestyle to make sure the dog is a compatible match for you. This has to work both ways so both you and the dog have a long happy future together for many years to come.

Contact us today if you are interested in providing a loving family for an animal you see on our website.

Visits by Appointment Only

We welcome visitors to our kennels but due to our busy schedule, we request that you please telephone to arrange a time to visit beforehand. Thank you.

A Dog is for life

Our dogs must be taken on for the rest of their lives, and not just a passing whim. They have already been abandoned at least once so you must pledge to us that you are serious about having this dog until his/her dying day. Please remember that even if your circumstances change your dog's do not.

N.B. Ownership of one of our dogs must be taken dog very seriously indeed.

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Pembrokeshire Staffies

Detailed below are pictures and descriptions of the staffies currently being held at the kennels.

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